Welcome to The Wacky Rally

The wackiest banger rally in Europe!

Banger Rally 2022

Welcome to the Wacky Rally! Europe's favorite car banger rally. This year's banger rallies include 'Barmy to Barcelona', a fantastic rally taking in the amazing Swiss Alps, the rolling hills of Italy, the French Riviera, finishing at the Spanish Catalan capital. Our newest route 'Nutty to Nice', is a road trip charging across the Alps, round a great Italian lake and along the Italian and French Rivieras. Prepare for an amazing experience when you enter the one and only Wacky Rally. Check out the blogs for past events.
Crazy in Croatia our infamous floating treasure hunt will also be running again this year in September.

The Wackiest Banger Rally

Are you looking to join a fun and challenging banger rally 2022? Wacky Rally is a banger rally like no other. People of all ages, from all walks of life, with a sense of adventure come together and take on a fun and exciting challenge that is often for a worthy cause. Yes, there are prizes, and yes, there are accolades but more important than both, are the stories, the friends made, the memories created, the beautiful roads, the tears of laughter, the tears of despair and the good times. The Banger Rally has evolved... Into The Wacky Rally.

Quick Overview

The concept of a banger rally is simple, buy a car worth around £500 or less, make it worthy of a wacky rally, i.e. use your noggin to make your car stand out. Drive to a distant city with other like minded people (fools never differ or brilliant minds think alike, we cant decide) and enjoy a well deserved party at the end.
If you wish to bring your own car to come along for the ride then that's fine too. But we still expect you to arrive at the start line in fancy dress.

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Wacky Rally