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What if my car breaks down?

Probably the most asked question we get, especially from the ladies. Firstly most cars will make it, secondly your fellow ralliers will very likely come to your aid. If you are really worried about breakdown, people like the AA will offer European cover. The main thing to remember is it is an adventure.

Who are ya?

We are professional event and tour organisers, we have been running the Wacky Rally for 10 years now. These events are a culmination of our passions and experiences.

What is a wacky rally?

A good question that only you can really answer. Far be it for us to dictate your idea of what fun is, it is down to you and the rest of the occupants of your car. The main thing is to enter the spirit of the event and make a little effort. Just like life (and just like the rally) the more you put in the more you get out.

What can I spend on my car?

The car should cost no more than £500 (you should be able to find decent ones for much less than that). How much you spend on it afterwards is entirely down to you. A couple of old tins of emulsion and some imagination can produce some interesting results. A novelty horn tends to be part of the uniform as well. Here's a useful site for those that need a few pointers.

How much does the whole thing cost?

Of course there are things like petrol and accommodation to think of. It really depends on you to be honest, how you drive, what car you have and where you stay. You can camp for less than £10 a head and drive a 1 litre car that will cost thruppenny hapenny to run. However, if you are like us and drive a 2.4 litre Volvo and stay in nice hotels it will of course costs a little more. We estimate 4 tanks of fuel, plan to stay at least one night in a decent hotel (you'll need it at the end about £40-£55 per person, can be as low as £35 in some hotels) and food.

My car cost £504

The fact is the spirit of the event is what is important, we cant prove you bought it for £504 nor can you prove you bought it for a pound, and quite frankly even if we did ask for proof there are some creative ways to get around that anyway. The simple fact is that if your car is not a banger no one will respect you. That new BMW that had the clutch missing and you repaired it just wont wash with other contestants, they are far bigger judges than we are.

Are there exceptions?

OK, we have decided to bend the rules a little, you may enter the wacky rally with the following, but only if they are wacky (i.e. everyone's jaw drops when it passes by): A VW camper van, a VW beetle, an old style Mini, Austin Alegro, old ambulances, anything with three wheels, a Citroen CV. If you have anything a bit ridiculous then mail us we will judge whether or not you can enter it. We've had a fire engine before.

Can I use my own car instead of selling it?

Yes, but we would like to see you wacky it up, not just slap a few stickers on it, as we said before it's not us that will judge you.

Where do I get such a machine for so little?

Ebay would be our first call, remember to modify your search (ie filter out by price and distance) otherwise you will be scrolling through loads of pages. You'll be surprised what you can pick up, a good running Rover 800 can be bought for under £500 if you get lucky. Local garages take in part-exchange and there are always those roadside cars, these are surprisingly good. We suggest buying a car with an MOT till the end of the rally, unless you know what you are doing, or trust the seller to tell you what is needed.

How much does it cost to enter?

Car Rallies:
£300 per car and £50 per occupant over 2 people for our driving events.

Crazy in Croatia floating event:
£2200 per boat. This includes accommodation for all 4 of the nights, dinner for 2 of them and one way transfer from Split airport. £250 for each extra team member up to a total of 10. Then you will need another boat....

Will my car make it?

Nearly all cars make the trip. If your car will run without too much clunking and smoke, it should be fine for the 1500 miles or so. Its amazing what you can pick up if you look around and bargain enough. Please make sure that the brakes and clutch are in good order.

Are you similar to other rallies?

There are a few rallies out there, be careful to choose one that knows the route, there are one or two that will send you all the way down toll motorways. costing £100's in the process, whilst we dont keep you off the tolls completely we certainly do a good job at keeping tolls to a minimum.

We provide venues every night for telling of stories and laughing at other misfortunes and the such. We like to think we do some great challenges, from what we've seen they are the best we know of thats for sure.

Do I need to be a mechanic?

No! Although we would suggest taking along a car manual, you really don't need to know how to strip an engine and re build it. There will be people on the rally who will be happy to help out if anything happens.

What else do I need?

Insurance, MOT, and driving license, Warning triangle, luminous jackets, fire extinguisher, first aid kit to comply with EU law. Oh and you are no longer allowed to drive in France with high heeled shoes....

What about insurance?

If you have fully comprehensive cover on your current car you should have cover on your banger. A good resource for temporary cover is http://www.insuredaily.co.uk/cover.html insurance could be less than £50. Remember painting your car is not modifying it nor is fitting musical horns. You could also try https://www.hertsinsurance.com/

Corporate sponsorship

If you are a company and wish to sponsor a car or indeed enter a couple of cars, then please contact us and we will happily put you in touch with interested parties.


If you cancel your entry within seven days of booking we will refund you in full. after this period You will get a refund if we sell your space. The deposit (£70 car rally £500 - £900 boats (depending on group/boat size)) is an admin fee and is not refundable.

Can I change people, cars, names, hair color, socks etc?

The answer to all of the above is yes

Why minimum drivers?

The minimum is two drivers. Its for your own safety. It is a far better experience and you shouldn't drive too long without a break, especially in a foreign country where you have to concentrate a little more. Finally, you don’t want to break down on your tod.

Can a none driver go?Yes they can as long as there are two drivers in the car


Support is mostly each other, we don’t have breakdown cover but if you phone us we will let all cars know your location to see if they can help (more often than not they will). We will pop by if we can.

Can I use a sat nav?

If you are a great big woos, yes. It just wont work around the mountain passes and you will get really lost. And you really really should bring with you a good scale map

Do I need a car before signing?


Do I need to pay a deposit as soon as I sign up?

Yes, £70 and £500 for floating adventure.

When is the close date?

There isn't one, unless the rally is full, you will see when the rally is full by a great big sign saying "rally full" we are good like that. It only takes a week to buy a car and get it wackied (depending on what you are doing with it, it does however take a little longer for DVLA to get themselves sorted so give that min 4 weeks.

Are there any rules on car themes?

Make sure its not going to offend anyone.

When do I need to pay the whole amount?

10 weeks before the event.

What sort of people attend your events?

Everyone of any age

What are the rules?

Minimum of 2 drivers per car.
You must be at least 18 years old on the first day of the event.
Don’t disrespect anyone, or any other cars on the rally
Obey all the rules

Are the team pages for public viewing?


I am from another country other than the UK may I join ?

We welcome anyone from any country and you are very welcome and encouraged to join.

What about accommodation?

Its always nice to stick together. As event organisers we tend to be able to get good rates and block out hotels. These we can pass on to you and we make 10% in booking fees. You are more than welcome to try and book hotels yourselves in the area including camp-sites. If some of you bold adventurers fancy sleeping in your car or in a tent beside the roadside, just be aware plod will notice your luminous green or yellow car and probably investigate. Many of the towns and cities will have hotel space anyway, but it can be a bit more expensive on the day.

Can I be disqualified

Yes, there are a few simple rules. If you are a moron you will be sent to Coventry and disqualified from the rally. Being a moron means the following: disrespecting or abusing anyone on the rally (if you don't like someone just talk to other people). Drinking is not an excuse for being a numpty. Do not interfere with someone else's car, whilst bashing bumpers may seem like a laugh to you it could be different for the recipient, same goes for any additions to their paint jobs.

What do I do with my car at the end?

We Have a scrappy waiting for you at the end of the rally. He will give you 50 euros for your car, stamp your registration document and arrange a lift to your hotel or airport for you. If you wish to drive back or simply keep on going then thats fine with us and we wish you a safe onward journey.

I've got more questions...

Email and we’ll answer it; if they are in the FAQ’s expect us to send you back to this link. We are never rude but we do expect you to read the info we've written, so please don’t be lazy.

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