Who has a car yet?

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Who has a car yet?

Show us some pics of what it looks like before you start...


We have our car! Pug 206 christened pugwash!
£250 with MOT until 31st of july, just enough! Services and cambered just need some new tyres. She’s been completely stripped out have some internal strengthening to do before we are putting a mast on it which is hopefully happening this weekend!


Hi we got our car last week Rover 45 1.4 petrol £250 !!! MOT unit end of the year, we have done a service and checked the old girl out and all seems A OK, still no theme as yet but sure we will soon. see you in Lille


very nearly got a 45 as well! but the one we found wasn't MOT'D and the pug was!

The 50 Club

Hi All

Bit late as usual, but thought the 50 Club members Steve & Dean would say Hi

Not a good start as team is down a member already but trying to recruit a few more lol.
I thought we had a bargain car, but after seeing some of your rides I shoulda looked harder ??

Anyways for slightly over budget (but flogging a few parts will bring it level) we have acquired a one careful owner London Metrocab ! Having covered a mere (low milage lmao) 350,000 miles I hope another few thousand will seem like a walk in the park for it.
Bugger, no air con : (

Now, just need to book a ferry, flights, organise all the other stuff I've currently forgot and we are ready to go. Oh & turn a Taxi into something daft...........


The 50 Club

Right, everything is now booked & a a couple of Taxi parts sold on.

Started working on the Taxi too. Need to find a narrow passenger seat (Metrocabs dont have one as everybody sits in the back lol). Also removed the glass division between the driver & passengers. Hopefully wont get as hot in there as no a/c : (

Wasteland Ant

Car is bought. Renovations have begun. From mild mannered focus to fast n hilarious

The 50 Club

Has it got NOS & can it do wheelys Wastland Ant lol

Here's our before pic

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