Who has a car yet?

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Who has a car yet?

Show us some pics of what it looks like before you start...

Red 1
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Just picked up ours last week. Quintessentially British Rover 75 1.8 with re done head new tyres and mot until November. £250!! Bargain.

Wondering Vikings

Nissan Primera, Bought for £300, spent more than that to get service, mot, brakes rebuilt, and get it running. 1 key to open the car, 1 to start it. but it has the all important working Air con!!!

Fifty Shades

Team Fifty Shades has its car!!! An absolute bargain at £299 and just under budget!

Its so comfy, plenty of space for four girls and their kit, complete with air con, MOT until November, strange knocking nice from front left hand side on uneven roads but disappears when you turn the radio up...perfect!!!!

Now to start the designs :-)


Team move over for Rover have killed the Rover .....
We picked this up as it was going to scrap . Good result as all it needed was air in Tyre's , battery , and putting through mot . Engine and gearbox seem good as for the rest of the car. Rot all over inside and out and not a straight panel anywhere . Now it's time to decorate . Oh and change the team name .

Fifty Shades

That looks a bit posh Seanfardyga :-)

Have you done this before?


No 1st time for us . We was supposed to do it last year and never got round to it . We started off with a Rover 75 but we've killed that 1 . Managed to pick the e class up for £75 locally as is was going for scrap . It's not posh at all its more knackered 240k and rush holes and dented panels all over . It's going to need a lot of paint to tidy it up .
How much was your ferry crossing ?

Fifty Shades

I'm sure you'll work your magic, embrace the dents and holes...all part of the fun!
We paid £40 for the ferry and £80 for four flights back from Barcelona to Bristol.
We've chosen the Dover to Dunkirk route as it's slightly cheaper and will get us closer to Lille with using less fuel ( that's the idea at least!) Our navigation skills will certainly be tested!

Where are you driving from?


We live near j11 m25 . Chertsey .
It's around 90 miles from Dover , not sure how were getting there yet . The ferry your on is £49 now and train £89 . there's 3 teams in our group so will check with others . As for getting home I think some of us are staying in Spain for a few days and some are driving home . That's if we even get the cars to Barcelona .


Red 1 , I have a spare wheel with new tyre I can take to Lille if you want it . I will be scrapping our Rover 75 soon if there's anything else you need from it .
Complete car 2.0l v6 petrol . Everything works apart from the clutch . Your welcome to help yourself ..


Hi guys, we now have our car/banger its a 2L Mitsubishi Space Wagon.
It cost the princely sum of £250.
Exhaust is a bit loud but it seems to run well and hopefully the subwoofer will drown out the loud exhaust.

Fifty Shades

Falling in love with the Volvo - it's such a good car (.......she says quietly and not wanting to jinx it before we reach Barcelona!)

We're all making good use of it on a daily basis as we don't want it standing around only to cease up on the day we set off although it's certainly going to be interesting driving it about the place as it starts its make over!

Will be really sad to see it going for scrap at the end of the trip... Viva la Volvo!

Fifty Shades

Whey hey.......Fifty Shades are on their way!

Designs are done, the creativity has been unleashed and we have started the transformation.....

There is something really quite satisfying about taking very course sandpaper to the paintwork of a perfectly good car........


Here's our choice of banger number 2. Hopefully mechanically sorted now just for the decoration.

T Bird Jockys

Our little £100 beauty, before we took the sander & Hammerite to it!

The 50 Club

Hi All

Bit late as usual, but thought the 50 Club members Steve & Dean would say Hi

Not a good start as team is down a member already but trying to recruit a few more lol.
I thought we had a bargain car, but after seeing some of your rides I shoulda looked harder ??

Anyways for slightly over budget (but flogging a few parts will bring it level) we have acquired a one careful owner London Metrocab ! Having covered a mere (low milage lmao) 350,000 miles I hope another few thousand will seem like a walk in the park for it.
Bugger, no air con : (

Now, just need to book a ferry, flights, organise all the other stuff I've currently forgot and we are ready to go. Oh & turn a Taxi into something daft...........


The 50 Club

Erm, bugger bugger wrong year ! Didnt think I was that late lol

The PTs

picked a vauxhall astra active 1.6 2003

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