Meeting up and convoy to Lille

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Meeting up and convoy to Lille

Please let other teams know which ferrys/trains you are on and where you are coming from if you want to meet up en-route to the start line


We are getting the 4pm Dover to Dunkirk Ferry, anyone else on that, will be leaving London/ Hertfordshire around midday, anyone on the same ferry?

As a teaser here's our car all wrapped up and ready to go!


We will be catching the 14:45 ferry from Dover to Callas, and would love to meet with anyone else travelling at similar time. We will be at the Clacket lane services at about 11am on the M25 ( We are still working on the car :)

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How do. We will be driving down from just outside Edinburgh to Dover overnight on the Wednesday for the 12:05 ferry from Dover to Calais.

If anyone wants to convoy up just let me know!

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We have now changed our route and are getting the 18:30 Ferry from Hull to Zeebrugge tomorrow.

Anyone wanting to convoy up just let me know.

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