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A fantastic article on us by Natalya from Boataffair

From assets to experiences: a wacky story of one inspiring entrepreneur

This summer I met a very inspiring entrepreneur Rob. Rob is British, who now lives in the South of France and runs his business from there. Rob’s story fascinated me, not only because he has changed his life completely 2 years ago, but also how he realised his dreams with his venture, enjoying a new lifestyle and creating experiences for himself and others.

Only 2 years ago Rob was based in the UK and worked for an events company. His schedule meant that he had very little time to see his daughter, in fact very little time to do anything at all in the non-working hours and no time to pursue his entrepreneurial ideas – if you ever lived in the fast-paced UK you understand the rat race.

One day, he simply decided it’s enough, bought a camper van, packed his family and headed off. This in itself takes a lot of courage and passion for adventure. He and his family travelled around Europe enjoying new experiences and freedom until eventually ending up in beautiful Croatia. Having stayed there for a while, Rob took up sailing and did his skipper licence. Some more travelling and adventures came after that until eventually the came across a small village in the South of France in the Languedoc region. They fell in love with the place immediately and decided to stay there.

Enriched by their travelling experiences, Rob decided to turn his ideas into reality, putting his events management expertise in place – he set up his company Wacky Rally. Wacky Rally is a beautiful example of investing in experiences – investing in fun, adventure and freedom. A few times a year a number of teams come together and go on a fun rally across Europe.

Teams are tasked with a purchase of an old banger of a car, customising it in an imaginative and amusing way – anything from the Bat Mobile, animals of various denominations, and pirate ships to hippy cars, tanks, and crazy paint jobs. Of course, the true adventure begins on the road, spread across 4 days and many European countries. Wacky rally is “The shared challenge, the camaraderie and the memorable stories are what make the wacky rally, Europe's favourite car rally, a trip you'll remember for the rest of your life”.

Wacky rallies in 2018 already offer two extremely fun routes: Barmy to Barcelona and Rockin to Rimini - having looked at all the photos and hearing the fun stories I am very tempted to sign up myself, if only I can convince my parents to look after my little one.

BUT! It gets even better! (I know how could it possibly – right?!)

Rob has now taken rally on the water, where he swapped cars for boats!

Next boating rally “Crazy in Croatia 2017” is taking place 23rd- 26th September in Croatia, cruising beautiful waters of Adriatic.

All you need to participate is a team and 4 days blocked off in your schedule. The boats are provided along with the skipper – so no boating experience necessary – only the flair for adventure and passion for fun on water.

Watch this short video of the 2016 rally – this looks like pure joy.

Moreover, if you are a sailing fan – you have an opportunity to stay for an extra 3 days and get a skipper license! Once again – I wish I did not have my business trips already planned, otherwise I will so be joining the teams, as there is still definitely time to plan the trip.

I love the experiences and the adventure Rob offers.I also love the fact, that they truly reflect Rob’s own values and desire for freedom for adventure, for investing in memories that are created by beautiful experiences. At Boataffair this is exactly what we believe in and what made us start the business.

Natalya Zubova Boataffair

To see the full article please head over to our friends at Boataffair. They provide a boutique boat matchmaking service which enables you to rent privately owned boats directly from the owners. Their Facebook and Instagram pages are worth a look too for some inspiration on where to go and what you might like to hire!

09/07/2017 - 18:54


A North-east woman has completed a 1,500-mile rally across nine countries in an old £400 banger, despite breaking down.

Michelle Dunbar, 38, managed to get all the way to Barcelona from her home in Oyne, just under 10 miles from Inverurie, in the old Audi diesel 1.9 with 190,000 miles on the clock.

But the motor –named the Kilted Road Hoggers – was in such a bad state of repair that she had to take it to the nearest scrapyard after crossing the finish line in the Spanish city.

Michelle and her 24-year-old brother Graeme Geddes shared eight-hour driving days taking in some of the stunning scenery along one of the Alps’ highest passes and the French Riviera.

And the musician treated other rally drivers to a touch of Scotland when she pulled out her bagpipes at one of the meeting points and played a song in her kilt.

The mother-of-one spent several weeks painting the car, which had a Loch Ness Monster attached to the roof, in the evenings after putting her four-year-old son to bed.

She said: “It took me weeks to do. I had to wait until he was sleeping at night to work on it – my neighbours must have thought I was crazy.

“I was out in the evenings and setting my alarm early in the morning to finish it.”

Michelle travelled down to Newcastle with her brother then boarded a ferry across to Amsterdam to take part in the Barmy to Barcelona Wacky Rally.”

But the real journey started in the city of Lille in France where rally drivers had to register before driving through five countries on the first day.

She said: “It was an amazing experience in Switzerland because they closed off the road and people came along to watch with a parade going down the street.

“The car broke down on one of the Swiss mountain passes. I took a difficult route and then we ended up stuck in a traffic jam for about an hour and the car started to overheat.

“It was roasting hot weather and we had the heaters on full blast to take the heat away from the engine.

“As we were going up the mountain pass, the car just conked out completely.

“The car was at a gradient and we were sitting there looking up at the sky.”

Fortunately for Michelle, her partner Colin Murdoch, 40, and his 39-year-old friend Jamie Provatos, both of Aberdeen, were travelling in another car ahead and the men drove back to help the stranded pair.

She added: “When I opened the bonnet, there was steam coming out of the car.

“Jamie is a mechanic, he initially thought it didn’t look too good but we eventually found out it had just overheated and had to wait for the car to cool down.

“It started again, thankfully, but we had to change the route in case the car gave up on me. And off we went on our travels again.

“The car was scrapped in Barcelona. It was running on fumes because I didn’t want to put any more fuel in it. Just as I was pulling up to the scrapyard, the left hand side mirror fell off and the interior rear light was hanging down.

“I think the car was telling me it had had enough – it was done.”

Michelle said she was so exhausted after driving all the way to Barcelona earlier this month that she slept for almost two days when she reached the end of the trip.

The car enthusiast has raised nearly £1,000 for the Befriend a Child charity through her driving adventure.

Donations can be made by visiting

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08/07/2017 - 12:18

Wacky Rally's 2016 banger rally to Rimini

07/01/2017 - 14:36

Lincoln trio to take on 4,000 mile Wacky Rally banger rally across Europe for air ambulance charity

A Lincoln trio are to set off on a 4,000 mile round trip across Europe to raise funds for Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire air ambulance.

The Wandering Arms team, consisting of Alex Lee, Craig Marshall and Phillip Johnson, will attend two rally events this summer as part of the Wacky Rally where they take a car which has been bought for less than £300 before being personalised and driven around the continent.

The first rally will see the Wandering Arms leave Lincoln for the starting line in Lille, France on June 23 where they will head to Rimini, Italy and then back home as the second rally sees the trio leave for a return trip to Barcelona a day after they return from Italy.

Alex told The Lincolnite: “The idea came from the Top Gear challenges by taking a cheap car across Europe. The Wacky Rally set the start line and finish destinations and challenges to complete along the way.

“As we are local guys and pay for ourselves to enter the rally, people mentioned that they would sponsor us and so we decided upon a good cause to receive all the money we raise.

“This year we aim to complete two rallies back to back as last year our car didn’t make it as it gave up on a mountain pass.

“As we have done little in the way of fund raising before we aim to get £1,000 but would love to increase that target with help.

“Don’t be fooled, this is no holiday,” said Alex. “The rally is extremely fun but it’s also a great challenge. Obstacles are part and parcel of the rally and the bond you will have with your fellow drivers can only be described as a two-year relationship rolled into four days.”

The Wandering Arms took part in the Lincoln 10k in April to help raise funds for the air ambulances and you can continue with their contribution by going on their Just Giving site and for more information visit their Facebook page.

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wacky rally
07/01/2017 - 14:31

Wacky Rally gift vouchers always available ....

Treat someone to the road trip of a lifetime !

To buy one simply call us now on 01273 930 800 

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