barmy to barcelona 2024

coming soon: barmy to barcelona 2025 - stay tuned!!!!

Day 1 - Registration

Arrive in Lille in the evening for registration and the chance to meet your new Wacky Rally contestants. Get to know everyone and don't forget to show off your new Wacky Rally t-shirt!

Day 2 - Lille to thun

We start at Lille at 7:30am and head to Thun. It's time to show off your cars and fancy dress! We do five countries in one drive today (it's a long route but we didn't put Switzerland where it is). Thun is a stunning Swiss town set in the middle of the Alps and today's meeting point is a bar next to a picturesque weir.

day 3 - day of days

The third day of the rally is where the fun driving really begins, after leaving Thun we head off over the Alps which is a stunning drive passing over the Gran St Bernard pass where the Italian job was filmed (bus over the cliff scene). You have the option to go through the tunnel, but going over the pass will be part of the days challenge. The final destination is Sauze D'Oulx, an Italian Ski town that we have pretty much to ourselves for the night - so that means it's time for a party! After a challenging day of driving you will be pleased to let your hair down. Day 3 is an amazing challenge day with 5 mountain passes for the hardened driver.

Day 4 - Monte carlo or bust

Travelling from the heart of the mountains and stunning countryside we head off to the French Riviera over one more picturesque mountain pass. We pass by Monte Carlo and for those who don't mind arriving a bit later you can always drop down to have a look. A popular alternative route is via Gap where many ralliers stop off to enjoy an invigorating swim in one of the many lakes. The destination is the Historic French city of Arles.

day 5 - barcelona or busted

The destination after Arles is Barcelona. This is a short drive so we make a detour to the Costa Brava to enjoy beers and ice cream at Lloret De Mar before heading off. The final party and award ceremony will be held at a lively sports bar on Las Ramblas.