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Anyone who wants to meet up on the way to the start should post here....

Wondering Vikings

We are Leaving Lincoln on the Thursday 22nd around 6am, driving down to dover - A1 - M11 route. if anyone whats to meet along the way. Ferry Dover Dunkirk 12:00 if I remember right.
Maidstone services made for a good meeting point last year.

Hugh Heffer
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We're booked on the 12pm DFDS ferry to Dunkirk form Dover on the 22nd too. That's if we actually make it to Dover!!

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still deciding on ferry or Chunnel..... but will let you know

Wondering Vikings

We will be at the services Junction 8 of the M20 motorway near Maidstone about 10:00 on Thursday before heading to the ferry if anyone wants to meet for convoy on the way.

Foiled plan

Hi there wondering arms, were you the guys on the 2015 run, if so we were in the little flower car.on that event. We'll be setting off from Sheffield at around the same time so could arrange to meet somewhere on the A1 if you like. Looking forward to meeting up again and having another brilliant week

Wondering Vikings

Hi guys. Yes we had the pool table on the bonnet and roof.
Will be good to meet up. We're leaving lincoln about 6. Picking up a team mate in Grantham. Then back on the A1. get in touch and we'll arrange something.

Foiled plan

Don't do facebook I'm afraid but we're looking to be at Grantham services for 6.30am if you like.

Wondering Vikings

Yeah that could work. Might even have the guy's from Newark meet there too.
07771627640 text, cal,l whatapp etc closer to the time. Alex

Foiled plan

Cheers Alex, got your number and we'll get in touch the day before.

the surf dudes

we are on the 8am ferry from dover on Thursday if anyone wants to convoy

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