How to win the Wacky Rally

Challenges are not about who is the cleverest, the fastest or incredibly skilled. The challenges are an overall combination of everything.

Points awarded for


You will get up to 4000 points awarded for your car theme which will be awarded for the following things.

  • 500 points for having your team in fancy dress.
  • 500 points for decorating your car.
  • 1500 extra points for attaching something wacky to it! It has to be properly attached not just tied to bumpers/wipers/aerial etc.
  • 1500 extra points for creating a wacky masterpiece. Your vehicles appearance must be permanently changed. Stickers, wraps and tape can count as decorating but for these points we asking for so much more.....


  • Points awarded for daily challenges

Challenges are based on

Team work (other teams)

Team work (your own team)


Visual awareness

And anything else we decide is funny, cruel or interesting.

Apart from the reverence of your fellow rally drivers and depending on total number of teams entered you could win up to:

  1. 1st £500
  2. 2nd £250
  3. 3rd £100

Trophies for all winning teams.

Prizes for each task: 100 Euros cash, split for ties for first three challenges (thats another 300 in beer tokens for different teams)

Floating Adventure prize money

  1. 1st £300

Trophy for winning team.

Prizes for each task: 50 Euros cash, split for ties for first two days challenges

click here for an idea of challenges

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Wacky Rally