Nutty to Nice 2019

Friday June 21st to Monday June 24th
No of Days: 

This banger rally takes us through some of the most star studded places in Europe. From the Swiss Alps to the great Italian lakes and then south to Portofino, Monte Carlo and finally Nice. This route even offers a chance to drive some of the best mountain passes in alps, the most famous of the Italian lakes and a chance to visit 2 of the most famous and exclusive ports in Europe. It finishes on the Cote d Azur in the cool city of Nice with its historic old town, fantastic restaurants and iconic landmarks.

Easyjet fly back from NIce back to several UK destinations and the airport is just on the edge of the city. We can help arrange a transfer to the airport and our friendly scrappy will buy your banger off you!

Day 1 LIlle- Thun

The Nutty to Nice banger rally kicks off in the vibrant and cultural city of Lille in northern France. Following registration and briefing the banger rally heads off on a remarkable course covering five countries in just one day! With the final destination being Thun, just on the edge of the Swiss Alps.

Day 2 Thun to Livigno

As the rally leaves Thun we warm the cars up heading round a magnificent alpine lake before snaking straight up the first spectacular mountain pass of the day. Cars will be heading over five to seven passes on this first monster day finishing off in the northern Italian ski town of Livigno, a fantastic duty free ski resort.

Day 3 Livigno to Rapallo:

Day 3 of the banger rally offers glitz, glamour and sophistication! We head out of Livigno back into Switzerland over the old smugglers pass and then down through St Moritz and on to Lake Como. After this its south to the sea and the Italian Riviera for a swim and a look around Portofino.

Day Rapallo to Nice:

On the final day of the rally the teams head west to the final destination, The Cote d Azur - The route is pretty straight forward today with the drive taking in both the Italian and French Rivieras allowing time for a stop and a couple laps of the F1 track in Monaco. We then rendezvous at a mobile kebab van next to a scrapyard on the edge of town to mark the last days scores before heading on to a lively city centre bar for the final celebrations where food will be provided followed by the announcement of the coveted 'Wacky Rally Awards'.

A little taste of what to expect

Somebody once said "A picture paints a thousands words". So here are a few choice pictures of Nutty to Nice...


Day 1 Lille to Thun, a town in the middle of the Alps
Day 2 Thun to Livigno a fantastic duty free resort in the Alps
Day 3 Livigno to Portofino
Day 4 Portofino to Nice for the final party


Registered Teams

Car No. Team Name Team Members Teamsite URL Points
488 Wandering arms in Alex and the barmaids Visit team rally site

0 pts

483 Nellos Heros Neil and Diana Visit team rally site

0 pts

477 Team Davies Mandy and Rob Visit team rally site

0 pts

473 Time to be Warped Bryn, Sheryl and Tori Visit team rally site

0 pts

468 Foreman joey Dave Malcolm Visit team rally site

0 pts

467 Stetson Steve , Graham Visit team rally site

0 pts

466 Funfair Karl Ziggy Colin Visit team rally site

0 pts

465 Dunlop bill,tom Visit team rally site

0 pts

464 Turbo Allan, Steve, nick Visit team rally site

0 pts

463 Silver Fox Dave, Jamie,ralph Visit team rally site

0 pts

462 MTT Mickey , Simon Visit team rally site

0 pts

461 The George-NTT john,john, Nigel Visit team rally site

0 pts

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