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Wacky Rally has made a New Years Resolution and is offering you the chance to bring your Sunday special or everyday car rather than a banger! .

For the first time ever you can now come and enjoy the fun, the sights and the spectacle of a Wacky Rally in the comfort and security of your own reliable car (or someone else's car).
You can take part in the daily challenges and win the daily cash prizes.

You will have full access to the mornings briefings with your pit lane passes and be invited to attend the VIP events each evening.

You will be as much a part of the rally as everyone else as we will provide stickers for your cars (optional if you are worried about the paintwork), event T-shirts and full rally handbook.

All we ask is that you wear some kind of fancy dress.....

If you wish to win a trophy and/or one of the major prizes you will still need to bring a banger, but you can decide on that later....

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01/20/2019 - 22:48

A WORCESTER company is to enter a 'Wacky Rally' to raise money to fight prostate cancer after the father of two company members was diagnosed with the illness.

Fire Label Merchandising, based in Worcester, will be entering a team in the "Barmy To Barcelona, Wacky Rally challenge".

The team will consist of managing director Jim Turner, sales director Sam Turner and James Cook, senior

account manager.

As motoring enthusiasts the team thought it was a great challenge and a fantastic way to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK .

Jim and Sam’s father Jack Turner, who is also the operations director at Fire Label Merchandising, was diagnosed with life-threatening prostate cancer in 2011 and has recently received the all clear.

The team set off from Fire Label HQ to drive to Barcelona.

Sam Turner said: "It doesn't sound that difficult until you realise the car can cost no more than £300 and we are not taking a sat nav.

"Special thanks to BJH Motors and Sons, Worcester for donating the car from their trade-in stock to get us rolling.

"I'm not sure an ACDC themed Rover has ever been over the Alps before but there's a first time for everything."

The banger rally takes in the Swiss Alps, rolling hills of Italy, French Riviera and the Spanish Catalan capital.

Sponsors include Fire Label Merchandising Worcester , BJH Motors and Sons in Worcester, Trumpet Garage in Ledbury,

Motorcare Motor Factors Ltd in Hereford, The Green Dragon in Bishops Frome, the Map Group in Worcester, the Tint Shop in Worcester and the Runsmart in Leicester.

To sponsor them visit

#barmytobarcelona #wackyrally #rockorrust #bangerrally

banger rally, barmy to barcelona, charity rally, road trip
10/31/2018 - 13:12

We are delighted to launch a clothing and merchandise range branded Wacky Rally

We are proud of our achievements to date so felt the time was right to offer a universal range of products at sensible prices to support our loyal customers

Also being a banger rally we felt it necessary within our clothing offer to be more carbon neutral ... so we are very pleased to be working in collaboration with Earth Positive to achieve this goal.

The carbon footprint of EarthPositive®products have been reduced by around 90% through a combination of innovative product design, low impact organic agriculture, efficiency in manufacturing, and by replacing standard grid electricity with renewable wind power.

It has been calculated that a single EarthPositive® Hooded sweatshirt saves around 28 kilograms of CO2e.

Having taken the greenhouse gas emissions to pre-industrial levels, all the EarthPositive® products carry the registered mark “Climate Neutral”.

Our full range can be found at

02/06/2018 - 09:41

Norfolk rally team to make 1,500-mile trip
across Europe in aid of EACH

A Norfolk rally team is set to embark on a 1,500-mile trip across Europe in
an old Mercedes as they look to raise funds for East Anglia’s Children’s
Hospices (EACH).
The NRtoRN2017 team – named after the postcodes at the course’s start
and finishing points – will take part in the Rockin to Rimini Wacky Rally,
which begins in Norwich and ends on Italy’s east coast.
Their 1999 Mercedes C220 will take them across seven countries in five
days, with all proceeds going to EACH’s Nook Appeal. The nook
fundraising revolves around the hospice’s efforts to construct a new
purpose-built facility in Norfolk.
The charity’s proposed build in Framingham Earl would replace the current
hospice in Quidenham, which has been deemed ill-equipped to
accommodate children requiring specialist care.
Team member Alan Kirton, 40, from Thorpe Marriott, expressed the group’s
desire to help the children’s hospices.
“EACH is not necessarily a cause that is personal to any of the team, but
we’ve chosen it because we wanted to give something back to the
community and raise money for a local charity.
“The current facility is sub-standard and it would be great if they could build
a new hospice in the future.”
Provided there are no breakdowns or wrong turns, NRtoRN2017 will begin
their journey in Thorpe Marriott on Thursday June 22 and arrive on Italy’s
east coast on Monday. Cars have to cost no more than £300 and be
‘wackied’ up in imaginative ways.
“The Mercedes has been sat in a farmer’s field for a few years, but it’s in
decent condition.
“Most of the work we’ve done has been on the exterior. The car been
decorated to follow a theme of the rally route, including a picture of Norwich
cathedral on the bonnet.”
The team’s progress during the rally can be followed on Twitter, Facebook
and Instagram; all accounts are titled @NRtoRN2017.​
NRtoRN2017 can also be sponsored by visiting .

banger rally, charity rally, barmy to barcelona, wacky rally
01/26/2018 - 20:44

Bolton Round Table members enter Red Arrows car into Lille to Barcelona Wacky Rally for Be Strong charity

FOUR friends converted a 14-year-old ‘banger’ into a four-wheeled version of
a Red Arrows display plane – and entered it into the real life Wacky Races
Barney Wharton-Jones, Phil Stephenson, Toby Williamson and Craig Knights-
all members of Bolton Round Table- drove the specially modified 2003-
registered Rover saloon all the way from Bolton to Barcelona.

They covered 1900 miles over five days, with the 1500 miles between Lille, in
France, and the Catalan city all part of the 'Barmy to Barcelona' Wacky Rally.
On average the team shared 11 hours each day.
The car was painted red, with a white stripe along it,with a hole made in the
roof to create a 'cockpit'. Wings also folded out from the and the car boasted a
tail fin at the back.And canisters were fitted to the car so red, white and blue smoke billowed
from it in true Red Arrows style as it set off.

The Round table team also donned pilots’ uniforms – leading some spectators
on the continent to believe they actually were members of the Red Arrows.
“We all had fancy dress, it was a little too good,” said Mr Wharton Jones, who
lives near Rivington. “Three times we were asked where we were doing our
next display." And in Luxembourg one person took some convincing that the team were not
the Red Arrows themselves. "We had to say ‘we’re not really the Red Arrows’
– it was quite funny," said Mr Wharton-Jones.

The event took them through Thun, in Switzerland, over the Alps the Great St
Bernard Pass, the French Riviera, Costa Brava, Monte Carlo and the historic
French town of Arles.
Mr Wharton-Jones admits the quartet had a great time out on the road, in part
to celebrate Mr Stephenson’s 50th birthday – but there was a serious side to
it, too.​
The team's European adventure was also undertaken to raise funds for Be
Strong, a Bolton charity which supports the homeless and those with a history
of addiction and offending.He said: “It was Phil’s 50th birthday and we thought ‘let’s have a bit of lad’s
trip’, but not just a lad’s trip , with the Round Table, there’s always a way we
can help other people.”It was set up by Darren who himself has battled drug addiction and
homelessness among other in his past.
Mr Wharton-Jones, aged 55, first became aware of Be Strong when Mr
Armstrong visited his church, St Peter’s, in Belmont, to talk about the work his
charity does.“Darren came to talk to us about what and I was absolutely blown away by
what he was doing with what little funding he was.“So I went to the Round Table and said ‘four of us are going to do this, it’s
going to be a massive challenge, let’s see if we can raise some money for Be
Strong – and they all thought it was a fantastic idea.” “We try to help worthwhile caused and this really, really is one. You could be
cynical and say we have just been on a boys’ jolly – yes, we have – but we
have been promoting Be Strong and the awareness of Be Strong is more than
it was, I hope and we have raised what we have £2,400." The money raised will go to help a new project to help women supported by
the charity to launch their own business selling and fixing small appliances
such as microwaves, hoovers, irons and hairdryers.

Mr Armstrong said: “What they’ve done is absolutely amazing , they’ve spent
time away from their families to do it, and I just want to say thank you to them
for that.”

Mr Wharton-Jones and Bolton Round Table are now looking at ways they can
help Be Strong in future.

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01/26/2018 - 20:38

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