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Hello, hello, hello, or should I say aye, aye.....Kilted Road Hoggers here. Madame Loch Nessie, Graeme and I (Michelle Marie) will be taking the roads and going on a Costa Del Oyne (Scotland) to Amsterdam to Barmy to Barcelona adventure.
Michelle Marie (me) decided during Q4 2016 she wanted to raise money for charity and combine this with several of her passions in life - cars, travelling and meeting people. Graeme, ma bro, will be sharing the driving. We really are looking forward to the journey and cannot wait to be part of the Wacky Rally Barmy to Barcelona 2017 BIG happy family. We are raising money for 3 local charities.

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Participating in Rally : Barmy to barcelona 2017

Start Date:
07/07/2017 08:00:00 GMT

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10th annual Barmy to Barcelona rally


Wacky Rally